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My name is Patti Snyder and I’ve been quilting for more than 20 years.  As a fellow quilter, I understand the time and money that you’ve put into your quilts – from finding the right pattern, choosing the perfect fabrics, making that first cut, all the way through to putting that last stitch in your outer border.  As your longarm quilter, I want you to rest assured that I would never do anything to your quilt that I wouldn’t do to one of mine – they will each be treated as if they were my own treasure.  My goal is to work with you in choosing a quilting design that will best compliment your quilt top and to have it completed for you in a timely manner, at a reasonable price.  If I have a question or concern regarding your quilt, I’ll reach out to you via phone or e-mail (whichever method you prefer) before proceeding.  I want your masterpiece to turn out just the way you envisioned it – even before you took that first stitch!

There are thousands of quilting designs available through online design catalogs.  While I have a large number of edge to edge patterns in my collection, I recommend you visit the websites on the Pricing page to view their patterns (be sure you’re looking at Statler Stitcher digitized designs).  When you find “the one” for your quilt, let me know the pattern name and designer.  If I don’t already have the design in my collection, I’ll purchase it for use on your quilt (at no cost to you) and add it to my collection.

The price for Edge To Edge machine quilting ranges from $0.015 to $0.03 per square inch, depending on pattern complexity and density.  Most of my patterns are in the 0.015 to 0.025 range.  For those hand quilters who have trouble getting down on the floor, I also offer basting service (every 3-4 inches) at $10 per square yard.


I grew up in a small town in Missouri and have been married to my husband, Jamie, for (nearly) 30 years.  Jamie and I met in 1983 while we were both active duty military – Army.  We married about six months after meeting and we have three children – Megan, Ashley and Matthew.  I left the military shortly before having Megan and both girls were born while my husband (still active duty) was stationed in Hawaii.  After being discharged from the Army in 1987, Jamie started working with the Federal Government and Matt was born while we were posted to the Middle East.  After returning to the States in 1990, I also began working for the Federal Government and in 1993, we were again posted overseas and moved from post to post for the next 13 years.  We returned to the States in 2006 and, in 2007, I was deployed overseas on a one-year assignment; I returned to the States in 2008 and Jamie was deployed six months later.  He returned in 2009 and we feel like we’re finally getting settled after living a total of 17 years overseas, in seven different countries (throughout the Middle East, South East Asia, West Africa and Europe).  Megan and Matt have both settled with us and are living/working in the Fredericksburg area.  Ashley lives in South Dakota with her Air Force husband, Andrew, and their daughter Lillian, who was born in December 2012.

I’ve been involved with various types of needle arts from a very young age…. I started with embroidery and crochet while in grade school, began making my own clothing in middle school, then in high school I became involved in counted cross stitch and hand-pieced my first quilt top my junior year.  That first quilt was a labor of love – I used the plastic tope of a coffee can for a template and traced/hand cut each piece, then stitched the entire top together (including sashing) by hand.  Granted, it was a nine-patch pattern, so it wasn’t too difficult; however, in my enthusiasm, I had decided that I needed to make a king size quilt.  It took weeks of diligent cutting and stitching, but I got it completed.  Then it was time to quilt.… my mother was a hand quilter and I had watched her work her way through quilt after quilt.… how hard could it be?  Mom gave me an old sheet to use as a back and a package of cotton batting – I was so excited to get started!  I got it all basted and started in the center – this was going to be beautiful!  After a week of steady quilting (and only getting one block done) I was as frustrated as any teenager gets when they don’t see immediate progress.  After a few more weeks, I just couldn’t take it anymore.… I ripped out all of the quilting I had completed and tied it (using bright red knitting yarn) instead.  So, it wasn’t the masterpiece I had imagined when starting…. there were no quilted feathers…. no tiny little stitches showing.  But – more than 30 years later, I still have that quilt and it’s still in great shape!  Granted, that could be because I was reluctant to use it – I didn’t want anybody to see that ugly red yarn…. after all, they might think I actually planned for that quilt to look the way it did.

I gave up quilting for several years after that first experience and focused my efforts on counted cross stitch projects.  But I couldn’t stay away for long!  There were just too many beautiful fabrics out there – and I started seeing more and more patterns that I wanted needed HAD to make!  So…. in 1993 I started again with a baby quilt – and a sewing machine – and it turned out beautifully!  I was hooked!  Of course, I immediately started another king size quilt.  I’m happy to report, though, that I did finish quilting it – by hand.

Since then, I’ve made a lot of quilts – and was hand quilting every one.  Then one day, I looked at my ever-growing stack of tops waiting to be quilted – and it didn’t take long to realize that I would never live long enough to quilt them all…. unless I started machine quilting.  I had a throw that I’d pieced and didn’t have any plans for (I really made it so I could see how easily the pattern would go together)…. this would be my guinea pig.  I quilted it on my domestic machine with an easy meander and star pattern.  It turned out pretty good (and was so much faster than quilting by hand), so I quilted two more throws.  Again, I was hooked!  But now I had a new problem…. while I could easily maneuver a throw-sized quilt, I just couldn’t manipulate the bulk of anything larger on my domestic machine.

In 2008, I started researching longarm machines on-line and going to large quilt shows so I could play with all of the different makes and models.  In the beginning, I was just looking for something for personal use – something not too expensive that would get the job done.  At the same time, I was working full-time and starting to plan for my retirement.  I knew that I was too young to retire and do nothing (it wouldn’t take long for boredom to kick in) so I started exploring options for a second career.  If I could have my dream job, I knew that it would involve fabric or quilting (or both).  And the light bulb came on!  Why couldn’t I combine my love of fabrics and quilting with my new career?  Instead of getting the inexpensive longarm that would “get the job done”, why not look more seriously for a really good machine?  Something that would last for years…. maybe something computerized.  So, in November 2011, after two years of research and playing with (literally) hundreds of longarm machines, I took the plunge and purchased my Gammill Optimum with a Statler Stitcher and “Quilts as Desired” was born.


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