Profesional Longarm Quilting

Preparing a Quilt Top

How to Prepare a Quilt for Machine Quilting
  • Iron quilt top, paying close attention to your seams and square your top and blocks as much as possible.
  • Iron backing fabric and square up (make sure you have 90 degree angles on all corners when smoothly folded with edges lined up).  If backing is seamed, use a minimum of ½ inch seam and iron open to avoid any bulk.  It is a good idea to back stitch at the end of each seam.
  • Backing and batting should be at least 4 inches longer than each side of the quilt top (for a total of 8 inches longer and wider than the quilt top).
  • Place a safety pin in the top left hand corner of the quilt so that the top can be identified. If your backing is directional, please also place a pin in the top left corner.
  • If your quilt has borders, please make sure your measurements for them are taken from the middle of the quilt.  Do not measure for borders on the sides of the quilts, as this will give you borders that are to full or “wavy” and do not lie flat.  It is also important not to handle the borders when you iron or otherwise move the top as the borders can easily stretch out of shape. 
  • Trim all loose threads and remove any stray threads that will show through fabric.

Special Instructions

  • If your backing is directional please make a special note on the order form.
  • If the edges of your top contains piecing (a flying geese border for instance) it is a good idea to stay stitch ¼ inch from the edges to avoid any unraveling or stretching.

  • I am happy to accept batting purchased at your local quilt shop. I am unable to accept pre-packaged polyester battings available at your local discounter, as they may not be appropriate for machine quilting and may tear, stretch or beard through your top.
  • If you quilt top is done in dark colors please consider black batting.
  • If interested, I stock Hobbs Heirloom (80/20) batting for purchase:
    • 96 inch wide for $7.50 per yard
    • 120 in wide for $9.00 per yard

  • I am happy to accept your backing material and ask that it be a minimum of 8 inches longer and wider than your quilt top. Please do not provide sheets.
  • If interested, I stock Legacy Studios bleached and unbleached muslin. Please let me know if you have pre-washed your top fabrics; if so, I will pre-wash and iron backing purchased from me at no charge.
  • Backing Price:
    • 90 inch for $10.00 per yard
    • 118 inch for $13.00 per yard
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