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There are thousands of quilting designs available through online design catalogs. While I have a large number of edge to edge patterns in my collection, I recommend you visit the below websites to view their patterns (be sure you’re looking at Statler Stitcher digitized designs). When you find "the one" for your quilt, let me know the pattern name and designer. If I don’t already have the design in my collection, I’ll purchase it for use on your quilt (at no cost to you) and add it to my collection.

Sweet Dream Quilt Studios
Ann Bright
TK Quilting
Designs by Vickie
Designs by Deb

The price for Edge To Edge machine quilting ranges from $0.015 to $0.03 per square inch, depending on pattern complexity and density. Most of my patterns are in the 0.015 to 0.025 range. For those hand quilters who have trouble getting down on the floor, I also offer basting service (every 3-4 inches) at $10 per square yard

Additional Offerings:

Borders:   If you want a different design quilted in the borders of your quilt, the charge is $20 for the first border; $10 for each additional border. This charge is in addition to the edge to edge cost for the entire size of the quilt.

    Binding:  Attach only - $0.10 per linear inch
    Make and attach - $0.18 per linear inch
    Make, attach and hand hem - Currently not available

Basting for hand quilting: $10.00 per square yard

Batting:   If interested, I stock Hobbs Heirloom (80/20) batting for purchase:

  • 96 inch wide for $7.50 per yard
  • 120 in wide for $9.00 per yard

Backing:   If interested, I stock Legacy Studios bleached and unbleached muslin. Please let me know if you have pre-washed your top fabrics; if so, I will pre-wash and iron backing purchased from me at no charge.

  •  90 inch for $10.00 per yard
  • 118 inch for $13.00 per yard

Additional Fees:  if your quilt requires additional preparation before quilting, the following supplemental fees will apply:

Basting rippled borders (for those unruly borders that just won’t lay flat for quilting):

    Twin (or smaller) - $7
    Queen - $15
    King - $20

Backing Preparation:  If you provide me with regular “off the bolt fabric” to be used for your backing.

    Piecing Backing:  $10 per seam
    Pressing:  $10

Muslin Strips:  When the backing you provide measures less than four inches longer/wider on each side, I’ll need to base muslin strips to the sides of your quilt to ensure there’s enough space to attach my machine’s clamps.  These clamps are necessary to hold your quilt in place during the quilting process.

    Twin (or smaller) - $10
    Queen - $15
    King - $20

Stitching Repairs:

    Seam Repairs:  $2 per seam
    Piecing Repairs:  $15 per hour

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